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A Fly Website for Fly Dance Fitness


Loose the treadmill. Instead, crank up your favorite country song or hold firmly to some battle rope. Because Fly Dance Fitness is the place you go to exercise, in ways you didn’t think counted as such. Cue the line dancing, booty shakin’, and barefoot yogi lifestyle (minus the confusing jargon). With this, they’ve created an athletic environment that’s fun. So cheers to the fitness hater; the all-too easily bored exercise junkie; and anyone in between: Fly Dance is probably the place for you. 

Amy Buck, Owner of Fly Dance approached Think Donson in need of a site revamp. So, how do you take the energy of a company like Fly and translate it into a website? We had a couple of ideas. 

First: the colors. We took the existing orange from their logo and added an equally as exciting hue of purple. Though we wanted to portray “fun”, we didn’t want to go overboard. To accomplish this, we used the purple sparingly throughout, and treated the photos with similar tones so they would balance out. 

Next we worked on the copy and layout. With a new tagline in place, we designed it into the homepage. You’ll have no problem finding the class list, either. Each class is listed with an accompanying video (and a small description, just in case.) 

Want to sign up for a class? No problem, there. Search from the hero image, or scroll down a short ways to see the full list. (While you’re there, let us know how we did on the redesign.)

Through and through, the site is now “fresh, faster and more user friendly,” says Amy.

Visit Fly Dance Fitness here.

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A New Site for Michael’s Wine Cellar


Many are familiar with Michael’s on East, the delectable dining restaurant located in Sarasota. Equally as impressive though, is the restaurants urban-inspired Michael’s Wine Cellar. Hosting more than 1,000 International estate-bottled wines, the cellar is a premier spot offering premium & boutique spirits, imported & craft beers and more than 200 boutique wines under $20. More than just a wine store, the space is also easily transformed into the perfect place for any type of special event; including luncheons, rehearsal dinners and receptions.

For a site providing so much versatility, we wanted to ensure clearly labeled functions and frills. To start, this included a simplified header separating each offering into its own compartment.

While scrolling through the home page, you’ll notice accessible “Shop Now” and “View All Events” buttons, along with the latest upcoming events and posts from Michael’s wine blog.

To help with the distinction between sections, the color pallet and textures flow from rich, dark cranberry hues, to light and airy white spaces.

Click through to the interior pages for easy access to wine shopping, private parties and events.

Visit the new site here at

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An Intuitive and Functional Site for C&S


C&S Management is one of the select few management companies on Florida's West Coast to be an Accredited Association Management Company. Offering Accounting, Administration and Maintenance services (along with important forms, documents and more), C&S has heaps of useful information placed on their one website. This is the main reason why Chris Brown, President of C&S decided it was time to replace the old with the new.

“We wanted a new website which would function well on different platforms: computer, tablet and phone,” mentioned Chris. To make this happen, we started by building a custom template that worked naturally on any device.

We didn’t want readers to get lost or confused while scrolling through the site. This meant simplifying the homepage and menu into appropriate categories. Starting with the header, an original crisp photo and button reading “Request a Proposal” steal the spotlight.

Continue to scroll through and find a quick blurb on what the company is, placed next to a short video for those interested in more information.

Next you’ll clearly find a link to their services, and the latest blog posts.

Through and through, the site is extremely easygoing: from navigation to functionality. When all was said and done, Chris said, “Think Donson was very easy to work with through the entire process.”

Are you reading from a phone, tablet or large desktop? Visit the site to see it firsthand.

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A Year to Be Kind


The launch of Think Kindness—a sister-site to Think Donson

With a new year in full swing, most of us have a handful of resolutions and plans for 2018. For those of us at Think Donson, one of our favored plans is the launch of our sister-site, Think Kindness. With giving back to the community on the top of our minds, this platform is one small way in which we are doing just that.

So what will you find when visiting Think Kindness? A whole lot of goodness. From encouraging stories, to upbeat quotes, it’s an all-inclusive home for all things inspiring and motivating. Read about acts of kindness, learn of other organizations that are giving back, and most importantly, let the site inspire and motivate you to be kind, too.

Need a little push? Know of any local charities or non-profits that deserve some attention? Let us know about them. We’ll be featuring a new organization once a month in our Spotlights section of the site.

For more information, or for a lot of inspiration, visit

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A Tasteful Website for Fins at Sharky’s

What do you get when exquisite culinary creations, magnificent views of the Gulf, and noteworthy architecture all end up under the same roof? A restaurant called Fins at Sharky’s. Situated directly on the beach overlooking the coveted Venice Fishing Pier, Fins is best known for their premium cuts of steak and pork (always juicy), and their Gulf seafood and sushi, (always fresh.) This, paired with the ambiance, truly makes any seat at Fins, the best in the house; and any occasion, one worth remembering. To sum it up, it’s upscale dining in a pleasantly casual environment.
Fins was in need of a site that accurately portrayed who they are. For starters, this meant using imagery showing their one-of-a-kind dishes, and notorious views. From the homepage, to the contact page, we incorporated each of these elements: A quality food photo and a subtle beachfront view throughout.
The homepage really tells it all. From a new tagline, a quick “About Us” section, a stunning photo of the restaurant, and a gallery showing specialties; no need to wander elsewhere to understand their forte.
Easily locate Directions, Make a Reservation, or find Open Hours with a simple click on the updated menu, or down below on the footer.
As for the Menu, you’re one click away from seven organized options. From Cocktails, to Happy Hour, you’ll quickly see the amount of care Fins puts into every component of their craft with a glimpse of their offerings.
Our hope is that Fins new website is equally as impressive as the restaurant itself—upscale, yet casual; and something you’ll remember.
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Madfish Grill - A Site for their Story

Madfish Blog Image

Madfish Grill is different than most eateries in the area: it’s been around for quite some time, yet it remains current and ever evolving. From the start, they were known for their exotic Caribbean and Creole flavors. Today, they pretty much offer something for everyone (see: full bar, extensive wine list, and a varied menu derived from many cuisines.) They appreciate locally grown produce, fresh fish and classic bartending. And while that may put them towards the top of their class, they generously treat all guests like family.

So when owners Mindy and Miles Milwee, and general manager Ben Gough approached us with the task of rebranding their website, we were excited to build something that resembled their story, from start to finish.

“We looked into a few other website companies, but we felt very comfortable with the abilities of the Donson team and we liked the work they had previously done,” said Ben.

To convey Madfish’s entirety, we created a storyline on the homepage through imagery and original copy that seamlessly flows from section to section.

Along with an updated logo, and a new message of “truly, madly, delicious”, you’ll find no shortage of authentic food photos—from prep, to final dishes, and even the making of a cocktail.

And to show their family-friendly side, we brought out a few bright colors from their logo that pop in all of the right places.

If you ask Ben his final thoughts on the site, he’d tell you that, “our initial goal of creating a new website has been completed and we are extremely happy with the result. We appreciate the easy communication and the timeliness of the completion of the work.”

1230752F0fb05de4 1015 47a6 b31b 3ad80ffceb7b2FMadfishSitebeforeandafter

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A New Site for Dr. Koval

Koval Blog Image for TD

With the idea of “Enhance your smile, enhance your life” behind Koval & Koval’s practice, Dr. Koval and her staff fully back their motto in more than just one way. In fact, the foundation of Koval & Koval flourishes with overall pleasant personalities and an honest care for patients. They are professional, yet talented. And, they not only fulfill dental visions, but they truly want to improve the lives of their patients by doing so.

While searching for a marketing team to match their goals, Dr. Koval stated, “We interviewed quite a few marketing teams before selecting Gary and Felicia. Upon our first meeting, we knew that Think Donson was our team!”

After working with Dr. Koval for many years, we were given the opportunity to redesign their website. We had a few key things in mind, and so did they.

Firstly, we wanted visitors to see their personality as we do. We started to achieve that goal by introducing a warm image of a grandmother and child on the home page, followed by their main message. Using soft hues and subtle fonts, we began to see the results we were hoping for.

Throughout the process, Dr. Koval noted, “…they were very easy to talk to, they understood our goals and they were filled with creative and exciting new ideas.”

Below the first impression on their new site is where real patients, with real results are found. Simple functioning cues allow visitors to browse through a smile gallery, or read more on Dr. Koval herself.

Towards the bottom of the home page, visitors will find a full list of Dr. Koval’s procedures. A simple click on any procedure icon will bring guests to a longer description of each. The interior pages offer similar images of warm faces and beautiful smiles.

“We really appreciate Think Donson’s sincerity and ability to decipher where marketing dollars should be directed. They are also so considerate of time management for approvals and deadlines,” said Dr. Koval.

At the end of visiting Dr. Koval’s new site, we hope visitors feel a true sense of Dr. Koval and her ability to enhance lives through dentistry.

“We are so very pleased with our relationship with Gary and Felicia. It was our lucky day when we chose to work with them!” – Dr. Koval

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A Redefined Site for Milam Bogart Dermatology

Milam Blog Image for TD

Milam Bogart Dermatology has a very clear message: to treat each of their patients with individual care. From medical to cosmetic dermatology, they’ve shaped their skin care plans to fit the needs of each person they see. And they do so following the most comprehensive skin-care services available.

With a direct, clear message, they were in need of a new site that easily translated this. For us, we wanted to show a clean, easily navigable site not only visually, but also by refining their copy. This began by creating a main message of “Redefining skin care to fit you.” Upon entering their new site, you’ll find this message, along with a crisp photo of the Milam Bogart team.

Next you’ll find a small story of who they are, and what they stand for directly next to simple, clickable buttons leading to insurance, patient forms and legible phone numbers.  

Another quick scroll, and you’ll find three prominent buttons leading to appointments, aesthetics and specials. Upon entering the internal pages, we’ve kept things easy by offering similar design features followed by spacious, clear info.

With the site complete, we’re extremely hopeful that visitors will get where they need to be without any hesitation.  

“There were several of us giving Think Donson input as the website was being designed.  We all had different ideas and different opinions. They were very patient with us and extremely cooperative with all of our wishes, needs, etc.,” said Office Manager, Barbie Cain.


Milam Site before and after

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SARASOTA – In August 2013, award-winning graphic designer Felicia Donson launched a new boutique marketing agency with her husband Gary Donson. Today, their Sarasota firm, Think Donson, is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a growing portfolio of clients in a variety of industries.

“It’s been a pleasure to help so many Gulf Coast businesses serve their customers and reach new prospects through our ‘think, plan and grow’ marketing strategy,” said Felicia Donson. “We appreciate the many referrals from our clients who appreciate our creative talents and personalized service.”

Think Donson’s recent clients include Medallion Home, a longtime Sarasota semi-custom home builder; Sarasota-Manatee Originals, a dining site whose slogan is “Eat Like a Local;” and World Class Dentistry, which offers restorative and cosmetic dentistry services for children, teens and adults.

“Think Donson is a full-service boutique marketing agency that does many things,” said Gary Donson. “But in the end, we do one thing best—we think of solutions that work.” Next, comes the planning stage, as the firm’s principals focus on applying technology, design and branding to advance the client’s goals. That preparation leads to effective strategies build awareness and grow the client’s business.

“We offer a fully integrated package of services that combine creativity and technology to deliver fresh, effective and unforgettable results,” said Gary Donson. The firm’s services include digital marketing, creative design, web services, content creation, review management, data reporting, email marketing and consulting.

Felicia Donson has been creating distinctive concepts for businesses and individuals since 1995. After graduating from Ringling School of Art and Design, she established Graphics by Felicia, and directed, managed and produced marketing materials for a diverse group of companies across the United States. After meeting her husband Gary, she teamed with him professionally to launch Think Donson and offer customized online and offline marketing strategies.

Today, Think Donson’s dream team of marketing strategists, designers, website developers, copywriters, publicists, photographers and videographers make sure that clients’ messages, programs, events and initiatives are seen by target audiences.

“We bring your brand, your message and your audience together with measurable results,” said Felicia Donson. “Solutions come in all sizes and pop up in surprising places. We’re here to help move you out in front of the crowd.”

For more information on Think Donson, visit

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How Small Businesses Use Social Proof To Boost Sales

TD Blog Small Business and Social Proof

Positive reviews can work wonders to increase business. In a time when many people use their smartphones to help them determine where to eat, shop and stay, and even which home service providers to use, social proof is more important than ever to the health and well-being of your small business.

Social proof drives small business success

According to a recent Nielsen study about referrals, respondents indicated that word-of-mouth isn’t just effective for specific industries. More than 80 percent of Americans actively seek advice from family and friends on major purchases. Nearly 70 percent say they are somewhat more likely to make a purchase after a family member or friend shared their experience on social media.

If your target market is younger, social proof is especially important to business growth. Regardless of the industry, 92 percent of survey respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 say they want recommendations from friends and family before a product purchase.

Americans with household incomes over $100,000 are also more likely than the average consumer to seek the opinions of others before considering a new product or service.

Use review management and monitoring tools to reach customers

Monitoring and managing customer reviews online can quickly blossom into a time-sucking monster. Neglecting unhappy customers isn’t an option for businesses who understand the importance of social proof.

It’s not difficult to turn around a negative experience and even create a loyal customer by handling their complaints with grace. Responding in a timely matter is crucial, and in an online review platform like Yelp, Facebook or Twitter, you have a wide audience.

Review management tools can help you reach unhappy customers before their comments damage future business opportunities. Monitoring all reviews in one place is a real time-saver for small business owners and managers.

It’s not just the unhappy customers that require attention. People who leave positive and in-depth reviews that will help others decide to use your products or services deserve your swift and sincere thanks.

Review management and monitoring tools handle the heavy lifting for you. Logging in to one platform allows you to see all reviews across all social media outlets. This makes responding quickly a simple task.

Let customers know their opinion matters

Businesses who actively seek reviews are better able to offer sought-after social proof. They can tweak their products and services to better serve their customers and keep positive reviews rolling in.

There are several ways to solicit customer reviews that are simple for small businesses to immediately implement. The review funnel tool sends automated emails to customers with a request for a review. When your customer clicks on the “Review Us” button, they have the opportunity to quickly and easily leave comments about their experience with your company.

Another way many small businesses successfully solicit reviews from customers is through a printed review invitation. This tangible reminder is simply a small card that thanks the customer for their business and asks for a review of their experience. A QR code lets the customer leave a review using their smartphone in real time.

Social proof is an important part of every small business, and new technology offers the opportunity to stay on top of customer praise and complaints without letting it take a huge bite out of your day.

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A Genuine Update for The Original Egg’s Website

Original Egg Blog Image

When our hunger pains won’t subside, we can’t think of anything more satisfying than walking into an eatery featuring quality home cooked meals. With sincere faces and traditional breakfast and lunch items everywhere in sight, a place like The Original Egg just might compete with a family meal at moms. That’s why we felt it would only be fair to update their website to reflect that homey feeling of goodness.

To do this, we began by creating an overall message for their site. Starting with a tagline of “Genuine breakfast, brunch and lunch”, we created a consistent voice throughout the site to match their quaint, blue-adorned restaurant.

Introducing hues of golden-yellows, warm wood textures and a few close ups of their most popular items, the site started to replicate the welcoming feeling you get when you’re really there.  

To avoid too much clicking around, we kept the most important information on the home page using a one-page scroll. Menus, hours, contact info and catering are a few of the important elements we wanted to highlight.

By using the one-page scroll, we were also able to simplify the navigation bar and its corresponding scroll downs. One adjustment we made was creating a new name and look for their popular “Birthday Club”, which featured more than just a birthday bonus. By changing the name to “Rewards Club”, we were able to attract a wider ranged audience while also showcasing all of The Original Egg’s perks on one page.

With the site complete, it’s our hopes that the new look and navigation (paired with photos of their famous blintzes, giant pancakes and drizzled French toast) are enough to convince viewers that this eatery isn’t one worth passing up. 

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Website Makeover for World Class Dentistry


World Class Dentistry can be described as just that: World Class. Taking a closer look though, you’ll find they have much more to offer than just quality dental care. Husband-and-wife, Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke work side-by-side, blending their strengths to offer the most thorough patient results possible. Together, they offer topnotch restorative, general, preventive and holistic dentistry. While their duo team alone speaks to WCD patients, their honest marketing also offers transparent insight. Using real patients, a sense of trust can be undoubtedly placed into their hands.

While rebranding WCD’s website, Think Donson had two main goals in mind. Firstly, we wanted to demonstrate their combined, extensive knowledge of dentistry. Secondly, we wanted patients who visit the site to see their visible marketing model: those real patients with real results.

On WCD’s homepage, we built sliding headers as an intro for visitors. Each header displays a WCD service, patient photo and quick testimonial. Clean, tasteful colors and subtle textures allow the headers to pop—soft blacks, muted oranges and grays. From there, every page carries a similar feel. (Authentic before and after photos and references appropriately placed.)

With so many available services, we needed them to be extremely easy to locate. To accomplish this, we divided their main services up into display boxes on the homepage. Upon entering the service of your choice, corresponding subcategories follow. Suitable text is spaciously displayed in order to not overwhelm readers.

If you still weren’t convinced of their abilities after perusing the site, a video featuring Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke offering a rundown of who they are and what they offer is just one click away—and also featured on the homepage.

Visit to see World Class Dentistry’s complete website makeover.

WCD Before and After

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A Refined Website for Black Tie Tree Services

Black Tie Blog Image

Professional, knowledgeable, efficient and safe: these are the words Black Tie Tree Services use to define their tree care projects. Devoted to providing high-end tree maintenance throughout the area, they are not just interested in accomplishing impressive results, but in building ethical relationships, offering more options—better options—and doing so following a precise timeline.

With such complete offerings and refined services, Black Tie lacked only an updated website to match their reputation. When Glen Rieth of Black Tie approached Think Donson, he knew he wanted to start from scratch to receive only the best possible results. For him, that meant producing “a professional looking website that showcased Black Tie’s services.”

With Glen’s concerns in mind, Think Donson began to rebuild Black Tie’s site by rewriting their copy. Maintaining a clear voice, we placed the content in appropriate categories so services would be easily understood. Complementing their new voice with a clean design was next on the list. Throughout the process, Glen was kept in the know. He noted that he was given the chance to “digest the new site, from copy to design features. Think Donson also took any concerns I had to heart by making changes I felt were needed. At the same time, they didn’t allow me to make changes that would not benefit the site.”

When you scroll through Black Tie’s new website, you’ll notice a fresh homepage with a new tagline, crisp photos and quick cues. What does Glen think? “My hopes of highlighting our services was achieved with this new site, and most importantly, it’s professional,” says Glen. Visit their site and find out how easy it is to request an estimate, quickly learn the ins and outs of tree care, or even, just to watch a short video of their work in action.

Black Tie before and after

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A Quality Website for Southwest Florida Veterinary Services

SWFL Vets Blog Image

Committed to quality care, pet owners have come to rely and depend on Southwest Florida Veterinary Services as a compassionate skilled partner for care of their most beloved companions. Using state-of-the-art technology, SWFL Vets provides superior care to any other clinic in the area. So, when they decided they needed a new website, they wanted to communicate this authentic, qualified attitude. And, so did we.

At Think Donson, we began designing SWFL Vets’ website by picking a professional color palette featuring soft blues and just enough white space. Welcoming, friendly photos and a subtle design fill the top headers. Appropriate words follow each header where information is purposefully laid out in a clean, clear manner.

All important information pet parents may need to know swiftly, is easily in reach. For example, emergency checklists with phone numbers and office hours can be found without hesitation.

On top of offering approachable, quality care, SWFL Vets is “…diligent about promoting client education and responsible pet ownership.” This was always the sense patients developed when they visited the office and now it is found throughout their entire website, too.

SWFL Vets before and after

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An Effortless Website for Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club

GCCC Blog Image

If you’ve been listening to us talk about websites lately, you’ll know how important it is to have easy navigational experiences for the consumers who roam them. It might be even more essential to do so when you’re a company like Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club. This loyalty program rewards members for their “good taste” as they accumulate points by frequenting specific eateries. They also organize and lead exclusive journeys to the most exotic food and wine destinations in the world. Potential GCCC members are going to want to know a few things when investigating their site: how to become a member, and how it all works. 

Kimberly from GCCC approached Think Donson knowing this, and, knowing she wanted to enhance the overall experience for spectators. With a plan in place, Think Donson went to work. Keeping in touch with Kimberly throughout the process, she recognized, “Think Donson is extremely easy to work with and they're available to fix a problem or make a change quickly.” 

Upon entering the website you’ll find pleasant neutrals and wood grain textures which set the scene. Headers with short descriptions and relevant photos reveal a sneak peak into all of GCCC’s offerings. From there, noticeable tabs in multiple locations allow guests to get where they’re going. Tabs like “Join” lead directly to a quick form for new members to fill out.

With the website completed, Kimberly says, “Think Donson took the time to listen to our ideas and made them come to life...” We’re excited ourselves knowing new and current members have an effortless, scenic voyage ahead. 

GCCC website before after

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New Name & New Look for Paradise Dermatology

paradise derm blog image1

Paradise Dermatology offers comprehensive dermatologic care. Dr. Pennie is one of only a handful of dermatologists on the West Coast of Florida that attended a year long fellowship training program in Mohs Micrographic Surgery, the most effective and precise treatment for most types of skin cancer. Among offering exceptional treatment, Dr. Pennie and her staff are known for their sincere, professional nature towards clients.

When Paradise Dermatology approached us at Think Donson with the task of updating their brand, they opted for something that resembled their work: professional, sincere and effective. Formally known as Pennie Dermatology, our team had a unique opportunity. We needed to keep their image similar to what it was as to not confuse clients about the name change, but we also needed to enhance their overall look.

Starting with an updated logo, we chose to keep their vibrant color scheme and appropriately place their new name snuggly under their recognized graphic element. With subtle font changes (and a few graphic tweaks here and there) we were able to tie it all together.

From there, we rebuilt their brand starting with a responsive website containing intuitive navigation. Email newsletters, call tracking, monthly reporting and ongoing consultation ensure their new changes are portrayed with ease. Print designs included business cards, appointment cards, postcards, letterheads, envelopes, signage and a billboard.

If we may say so ourselves, we think their new branding looks like paradise…

Check below for a before and after of their updated website.

PARADISE derm before and after

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How to Verify a Facebook Business Page

fb verified image

How do you know if your page is verified?

  • Your page is verified if you have a blue or gray checkmark next to your page name:

    • A blue badge is a verified celebrity, public figure or global brand.

    • A gray badge is a verified local business or organization.


Why do you need to verify your Facebook page?

  • A verified business page will rank higher in search.

  • You will build trust with your customers and potential customers.

  • People will know they are on the correct Facebook page for your business.

  • Verification adds credibility to your page.


How do you verify your Facebook page?

  1. Login to Facebook and go to Settings in the top right corner of your business page account.

  2. Make sure you’re in General settings (on the left), scroll down to the Page Verification section and click edit.

  3. Choose to verify your page by Phone or Documentation:

    1. Phone:

      1. Enter the Business Phone Number, Country and Call Language and click “Call Me Now”.

      2. You will receive a call with a verification code.

      3. Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue.

    2. Documentation:

      1. Upload an official document showing your business name and address.

      2. Facebook with review the documentation and you will receive a notification within a few days of your verification status.

  4. That’s it! Your business is verified!

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Great Web Design, Great Business

wed design blog

The Benefits of Having a Well Designed Website

You own a business and you offer brilliant service. What’s your website look like, though? (We hope it’s as good as your best product/most famous dish/you fill in the blank.) If it’s not, you’re missing out on a significant amount of business. Your website is the heart of your digital marketing presence; it’s the first impression of who you are. Customers spend roughly 60 seconds looking at your website before deciding if they want to give up and move on. Within that time, a high quality website is going to put trust in customers and generate traffic. This is due to more than one factor. We are here to tell you what those most important factors are and how we can provide you with a site that matches that fill in the blank of yours.

Responsive Design: Reactive on laptops, phones and tablets

Minimalism: White space, flat colors and fewer pages

User-friendly: Simple, intuitive and functional navigation

High Quality Content: Well-crafted images, videos and written copy

Rich Graphics: Interesting (not distracting) hover animation and clever actions when placing mouse over content

Think Donson offers complete web design services including custom layouts, responsive design and Joomla CMS. We’ll make it responsive, intuitive, functional, conversion-driven and optimized for discovery. For an example, take a look at our recent website makeover done for our valued client, Outer Image Spa. 

outer image spa before and after


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A Modern & Clean Website for Twin Dolphin Marina

twin dolphin marina

As the premier port on the Manatee River, Twin Dolphin Marina is the hub of Bradenton’s notable downtown. It’s a beautiful spot for not only a marina, but for its neighboring restaurants, shopping centers and the historic Bradenton Pier. So when the marina’s Marketing Director, Natalie Meyer, approached Think Donson with the hopes of a new website, she wanted to illustrate those matchless features.

Having worked with Gary and Felicia Donson on four websites in the past, Natalie was familiar with their process and noted that, “They are extremely knowledgeable about current website tools, technology and marketing.”

Gary and Felicia put Natalie’s vision in place with quality, relevant photos surrounded by subtle, clean textures and calming colors. Simple, yet eye-catching icons make for an extremely user-friendly experience, and applicable links with amenities and relevant information are easily in reach. “The end goal was to have an updated, unique and modern site with lots of imagery. Think Donson went above and beyond that,” Natalie said.

Fulfilled with the results of Twin Dolphin Marina’s new website, Natalie follows up by stating, “We appreciate working with a professional responsive team who offers great suggestions and understands our needs.” 

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Fresh Marketing for Restaurateurs

rest marketing blog

Being a restaurant owner is no easy task. You keep the kitchen in tact, delight and entertain customers and manage the staff. And if that’s not biting off more than you can chew, add marketing to the mix. The best marketing approach for your establishment depends on the personal flare, theme and audience you’re trying to reach.

Here are key tools Think Donson uses to achieve marketing feat for the restaurateur:

Web Design

Your website is not only the heart of your digital marketing presence, it’s where hungry customers are going to look first when out and about looking for a good meal. We’ll make it responsive, intuitive, functional, conversion-driven and optimized for discovery.

Content Creation

You already know who you are. You’re a locally sourced eatery, a traditional mom and pop diner, or everyone’s favorite brunch spot. Your customers won’t know that until you put your story into words. Web copy, ad campaigns, blogs, e-blast copy, press releases, or publications; you name it—we create it.

Digital Marketing

Welcome to the constantly evolving, brave new world of new technologies, new media and new platforms. Get your message to the local foodies, and the seasonal guests using custom-tailored, measurable initiatives that span web.

Creative Services

It’s your restaurant’s story. We’ll help customers hear it. Our dream team of marketing strategists, designers, website developers, copywriters, publicists, photographers and videographers will make sure you are heard.

Review Management

Think globally. Reach locally. Make your hometown presence known with top placement in all online directories, map listings and reviews.

Data Reporting

See all of your data channels in one customized dashboard by scheduling daily/weekly/monthly reports.

Email Marketing

It’s time to get personal with all of the restaurant goers. We’ll help brand your email campaigns, segment your lists and create seamless website integration.

Consult with Think Donson to tap into our experiences. We’ll explore your marketing goals from every possible angle. We know where to listen and we’re here to help.

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