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A Fly Website for Fly Dance Fitness


Loose the treadmill. Instead, crank up your favorite country song or hold firmly to some battle rope. Because Fly Dance Fitness is the place you go to exercise, in ways you didn’t think counted as such. Cue the line dancing, booty shakin’, and barefoot yogi lifestyle (minus the confusing jargon). With this, they’ve created an athletic environment that’s fun. So cheers to the fitness hater; the all-too easily bored exercise junkie; and anyone in between: Fly Dance is probably the place for you. 

Amy Buck, Owner of Fly Dance approached Think Donson in need of a site revamp. So, how do you take the energy of a company like Fly and translate it into a website? We had a couple of ideas. 

First: the colors. We took the existing orange from their logo and added an equally as exciting hue of purple. Though we wanted to portray “fun”, we didn’t want to go overboard. To accomplish this, we used the purple sparingly throughout, and treated the photos with similar tones so they would balance out. 

Next we worked on the copy and layout. With a new tagline in place, we designed it into the homepage. You’ll have no problem finding the class list, either. Each class is listed with an accompanying video (and a small description, just in case.) 

Want to sign up for a class? No problem, there. Search from the hero image, or scroll down a short ways to see the full list. (While you’re there, let us know how we did on the redesign.)

Through and through, the site is now “fresh, faster and more user friendly,” says Amy.

Visit Fly Dance Fitness here.

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