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A Genuine Update for The Original Egg’s Website

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When our hunger pains won’t subside, we can’t think of anything more satisfying than walking into an eatery featuring quality home cooked meals. With sincere faces and traditional breakfast and lunch items everywhere in sight, a place like The Original Egg just might compete with a family meal at moms. That’s why we felt it would only be fair to update their website to reflect that homey feeling of goodness.

To do this, we began by creating an overall message for their site. Starting with a tagline of “Genuine breakfast, brunch and lunch”, we created a consistent voice throughout the site to match their quaint, blue-adorned restaurant.

Introducing hues of golden-yellows, warm wood textures and a few close ups of their most popular items, the site started to replicate the welcoming feeling you get when you’re really there.  

To avoid too much clicking around, we kept the most important information on the home page using a one-page scroll. Menus, hours, contact info and catering are a few of the important elements we wanted to highlight.

By using the one-page scroll, we were also able to simplify the navigation bar and its corresponding scroll downs. One adjustment we made was creating a new name and look for their popular “Birthday Club”, which featured more than just a birthday bonus. By changing the name to “Rewards Club”, we were able to attract a wider ranged audience while also showcasing all of The Original Egg’s perks on one page.

With the site complete, it’s our hopes that the new look and navigation (paired with photos of their famous blintzes, giant pancakes and drizzled French toast) are enough to convince viewers that this eatery isn’t one worth passing up. 

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