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A Redefined Site for Milam Bogart Dermatology

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Milam Bogart Dermatology has a very clear message: to treat each of their patients with individual care. From medical to cosmetic dermatology, they’ve shaped their skin care plans to fit the needs of each person they see. And they do so following the most comprehensive skin-care services available.

With a direct, clear message, they were in need of a new site that easily translated this. For us, we wanted to show a clean, easily navigable site not only visually, but also by refining their copy. This began by creating a main message of “Redefining skin care to fit you.” Upon entering their new site, you’ll find this message, along with a crisp photo of the Milam Bogart team.

Next you’ll find a small story of who they are, and what they stand for directly next to simple, clickable buttons leading to insurance, patient forms and legible phone numbers.  

Another quick scroll, and you’ll find three prominent buttons leading to appointments, aesthetics and specials. Upon entering the internal pages, we’ve kept things easy by offering similar design features followed by spacious, clear info.

With the site complete, we’re extremely hopeful that visitors will get where they need to be without any hesitation.  

“There were several of us giving Think Donson input as the website was being designed.  We all had different ideas and different opinions. They were very patient with us and extremely cooperative with all of our wishes, needs, etc.,” said Office Manager, Barbie Cain.


Milam Site before and after

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