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A Tasteful Website for Fins at Sharky’s

What do you get when exquisite culinary creations, magnificent views of the Gulf, and noteworthy architecture all end up under the same roof? A restaurant called Fins at Sharky’s. Situated directly on the beach overlooking the coveted Venice Fishing Pier, Fins is best known for their premium cuts of steak and pork (always juicy), and their Gulf seafood and sushi, (always fresh.) This, paired with the ambiance, truly makes any seat at Fins, the best in the house; and any occasion, one worth remembering. To sum it up, it’s upscale dining in a pleasantly casual environment.
Fins was in need of a site that accurately portrayed who they are. For starters, this meant using imagery showing their one-of-a-kind dishes, and notorious views. From the homepage, to the contact page, we incorporated each of these elements: A quality food photo and a subtle beachfront view throughout.
The homepage really tells it all. From a new tagline, a quick “About Us” section, a stunning photo of the restaurant, and a gallery showing specialties; no need to wander elsewhere to understand their forte.
Easily locate Directions, Make a Reservation, or find Open Hours with a simple click on the updated menu, or down below on the footer.
As for the Menu, you’re one click away from seven organized options. From Cocktails, to Happy Hour, you’ll quickly see the amount of care Fins puts into every component of their craft with a glimpse of their offerings.
Our hope is that Fins new website is equally as impressive as the restaurant itself—upscale, yet casual; and something you’ll remember.

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