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A Fly Website for Fly Dance Fitness


Loose the treadmill. Instead, crank up your favorite country song or hold firmly to some battle rope. Because Fly Dance Fitness is the place you go to exercise, in ways you didn’t think counted as such. Cue the line dancing, booty shakin’, and barefoot yogi lifestyle (minus the confusing jargon). With this, they’ve created an athletic environment that’s fun. So cheers to the fitness hater; the all-too easily bored exercise junkie; and anyone in between: Fly Dance is probably the place for you. 

Amy Buck, Owner of Fly Dance approached Think Donson in need of a site revamp. So, how do you take the energy of a company like Fly and translate it into a website? We had a couple of ideas. 

First: the colors. We took the existing orange from their logo and added an equally as exciting hue of purple. Though we wanted to portray “fun”, we didn’t want to go overboard. To accomplish this, we used the purple sparingly throughout, and treated the photos with similar tones so they would balance out. 

Next we worked on the copy and layout. With a new tagline in place, we designed it into the homepage. You’ll have no problem finding the class list, either. Each class is listed with an accompanying video (and a small description, just in case.) 

Want to sign up for a class? No problem, there. Search from the hero image, or scroll down a short ways to see the full list. (While you’re there, let us know how we did on the redesign.)

Through and through, the site is now “fresh, faster and more user friendly,” says Amy.

Visit Fly Dance Fitness here.

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A New Site for Michael’s Wine Cellar


Many are familiar with Michael’s on East, the delectable dining restaurant located in Sarasota. Equally as impressive though, is the restaurants urban-inspired Michael’s Wine Cellar. Hosting more than 1,000 International estate-bottled wines, the cellar is a premier spot offering premium & boutique spirits, imported & craft beers and more than 200 boutique wines under $20. More than just a wine store, the space is also easily transformed into the perfect place for any type of special event; including luncheons, rehearsal dinners and receptions.

For a site providing so much versatility, we wanted to ensure clearly labeled functions and frills. To start, this included a simplified header separating each offering into its own compartment.

While scrolling through the home page, you’ll notice accessible “Shop Now” and “View All Events” buttons, along with the latest upcoming events and posts from Michael’s wine blog.

To help with the distinction between sections, the color pallet and textures flow from rich, dark cranberry hues, to light and airy white spaces.

Click through to the interior pages for easy access to wine shopping, private parties and events.

Visit the new site here at

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A Year to Be Kind


The launch of Think Kindness—a sister-site to Think Donson

With a new year in full swing, most of us have a handful of resolutions and plans for 2018. For those of us at Think Donson, one of our favored plans is the launch of our sister-site, Think Kindness. With giving back to the community on the top of our minds, this platform is one small way in which we are doing just that.

So what will you find when visiting Think Kindness? A whole lot of goodness. From encouraging stories, to upbeat quotes, it’s an all-inclusive home for all things inspiring and motivating. Read about acts of kindness, learn of other organizations that are giving back, and most importantly, let the site inspire and motivate you to be kind, too.

Need a little push? Know of any local charities or non-profits that deserve some attention? Let us know about them. We’ll be featuring a new organization once a month in our Spotlights section of the site.

For more information, or for a lot of inspiration, visit

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A New Site for Dr. Koval

Koval Blog Image for TD

With the idea of “Enhance your smile, enhance your life” behind Koval & Koval’s practice, Dr. Koval and her staff fully back their motto in more than just one way. In fact, the foundation of Koval & Koval flourishes with overall pleasant personalities and an honest care for patients. They are professional, yet talented. And, they not only fulfill dental visions, but they truly want to improve the lives of their patients by doing so.

While searching for a marketing team to match their goals, Dr. Koval stated, “We interviewed quite a few marketing teams before selecting Gary and Felicia. Upon our first meeting, we knew that Think Donson was our team!”

After working with Dr. Koval for many years, we were given the opportunity to redesign their website. We had a few key things in mind, and so did they.

Firstly, we wanted visitors to see their personality as we do. We started to achieve that goal by introducing a warm image of a grandmother and child on the home page, followed by their main message. Using soft hues and subtle fonts, we began to see the results we were hoping for.

Throughout the process, Dr. Koval noted, “…they were very easy to talk to, they understood our goals and they were filled with creative and exciting new ideas.”

Below the first impression on their new site is where real patients, with real results are found. Simple functioning cues allow visitors to browse through a smile gallery, or read more on Dr. Koval herself.

Towards the bottom of the home page, visitors will find a full list of Dr. Koval’s procedures. A simple click on any procedure icon will bring guests to a longer description of each. The interior pages offer similar images of warm faces and beautiful smiles.

“We really appreciate Think Donson’s sincerity and ability to decipher where marketing dollars should be directed. They are also so considerate of time management for approvals and deadlines,” said Dr. Koval.

At the end of visiting Dr. Koval’s new site, we hope visitors feel a true sense of Dr. Koval and her ability to enhance lives through dentistry.

“We are so very pleased with our relationship with Gary and Felicia. It was our lucky day when we chose to work with them!” – Dr. Koval

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Great Web Design, Great Business

wed design blog

The Benefits of Having a Well Designed Website

You own a business and you offer brilliant service. What’s your website look like, though? (We hope it’s as good as your best product/most famous dish/you fill in the blank.) If it’s not, you’re missing out on a significant amount of business. Your website is the heart of your digital marketing presence; it’s the first impression of who you are. Customers spend roughly 60 seconds looking at your website before deciding if they want to give up and move on. Within that time, a high quality website is going to put trust in customers and generate traffic. This is due to more than one factor. We are here to tell you what those most important factors are and how we can provide you with a site that matches that fill in the blank of yours.

Responsive Design: Reactive on laptops, phones and tablets

Minimalism: White space, flat colors and fewer pages

User-friendly: Simple, intuitive and functional navigation

High Quality Content: Well-crafted images, videos and written copy

Rich Graphics: Interesting (not distracting) hover animation and clever actions when placing mouse over content

Think Donson offers complete web design services including custom layouts, responsive design and Joomla CMS. We’ll make it responsive, intuitive, functional, conversion-driven and optimized for discovery. For an example, take a look at our recent website makeover done for our valued client, Outer Image Spa. 

outer image spa before and after


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A Modern & Clean Website for Twin Dolphin Marina

twin dolphin marina

As the premier port on the Manatee River, Twin Dolphin Marina is the hub of Bradenton’s notable downtown. It’s a beautiful spot for not only a marina, but for its neighboring restaurants, shopping centers and the historic Bradenton Pier. So when the marina’s Marketing Director, Natalie Meyer, approached Think Donson with the hopes of a new website, she wanted to illustrate those matchless features.

Having worked with Gary and Felicia Donson on four websites in the past, Natalie was familiar with their process and noted that, “They are extremely knowledgeable about current website tools, technology and marketing.”

Gary and Felicia put Natalie’s vision in place with quality, relevant photos surrounded by subtle, clean textures and calming colors. Simple, yet eye-catching icons make for an extremely user-friendly experience, and applicable links with amenities and relevant information are easily in reach. “The end goal was to have an updated, unique and modern site with lots of imagery. Think Donson went above and beyond that,” Natalie said.

Fulfilled with the results of Twin Dolphin Marina’s new website, Natalie follows up by stating, “We appreciate working with a professional responsive team who offers great suggestions and understands our needs.” 

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New Marketing for The John Chapman Law Firm

chapman blog image

As a business and estate litigation lawyer, John Chapman serves the Sarasota and Bradenton areas with over twenty years of experience backing him up. From construction, real estate or contract disputes, The John Chapman Law Firm is committed to providing sound advice and comprehensive legal services. With each client, his motive remains the same: to resolve issues in a way that benefits them. When John came to us for marketing advice, our motive at Think Donson was to get this message seen and heard.

Having a long term relationship with Felicia and her quality of work, John gave Think Donson a go-ahead to create a new website featuring original graphic design, data reporting and local directory management abilities. John said, “I was looking for good, or a better product than I was getting from my current provider.”

With a new website including easy navigation, responsive design and a professional, clean look, John’s requests became an actuality. An all in one reporting platform allows him to see all of his data channels in one customized dashboard. A local directory management tool allows his online presence known.

When all was said and done, John noted that “…the quality of work, personal service and quick turnaround” from Think Donson made his marketing transition an easy choice. 

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Sharky's On The Pier Launches an Updated Website and Online Store!

Sharkyswebsite blogimage sJust one visit to Sharky’s on the Pier, and you’ll understand why it has become a favorite Venice area landmark. Officially opened on February 12, 1987, at the site of what was once an outdated beach concession, they’ve become known for exceeding expectations in drinks and dining. So when Marketing Director, Emma Kate Silvestri, contacted us about revamping and updating the Sharky’s website, we were excited about the possibilities!

“We wanted our website to reflect our restaurant – bright, fun, the “Sharky’s laid back lifestyle” – while also showcasing the breathtaking views and great food and service that guests will experience when visiting Sharky’s. Gary and Felicia created a fully responsive website that is functional and easy to use, while looking sharp at the same time. We love it!”, she says.
“A big part of our new website is the new online store. We want people to be able to shop Sharky’s, Snook Haven and Fins’ merchandise no matter where they live (including gift cards!) and now you can do that on a more user friendly e-commerce site. The online store will continue to grow with more products over the next few months – very exciting!”

When asked about her experience working with Gary and Felicia of Think Donson, her response was, “Absolutely fantastic! They really know the ins and outs of website development and go above and beyond to make sure we are happy with our new site. Gary explains things very thoroughly and in a way that is easy to understand. He’s extremely quick to respond to any questions you may have and makes necessary changes to the website right away. They are a local company which we love and are extremely easy to work with. We are very happy we ended up working with Think Donson to re-do the Sharky’s site!” Check out the new Sharky's On The Pier website here!

If you’re ready to revitalize your website, contact us! We’ll work with your vision to make it responsive, intuitive, functional and optimized for discovery. Your website is the heart of your digital presence. Why settle for less than excellence?

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Can Graphics be used to explain information in a Court Trial?

Think blog

When people think of graphics they immediately think logos, fliers, and brochures. But are there other uses for graphics? The answer is yes! Graphics are used to communicate messages and ideas. Presented correctly, they can bring to life data and information while focusing your audience on key points. A perfect example is this presentation created for a court trial. Using graphics, the client was able to explain the process of an Audit in a simple and interesting way, while making it easy for the Jury to understand.

At Think Donson we can help your company identify its needs and create unique and dynamic images to inform, educate, and attract your customers. With experience in all industries of Marketing and Design, Think Donson can produce products tailored to your specific business.

Solutions come in all shapes and sizes. We combine creativity and technology to help move you out in front of the crowd.

Looking for a new solution? Contact us today!

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Think Donson helps Clark Road’s Broken Egg hatch a new identity as The Original Egg

THeOriginalEgg a65276f4dabae00394c07f86d823df99

When The Broken Egg on Clark Road in Sarasota began the process of rebranding to The Original Egg, owner Dawn Hair recruited Think Donson to help.  Gary and Felicia Donson had previously worked on the popular restaurant’s marketing and email blasts, so Dawn wanted to involve them in the rebranding as well.

“What they’ve done over the last few years has helped increase my sales by more than 20 percent,” Dawn said. “I owe so much of our new success to them. They're a vital part of my team.”

The first order of business was to create a new logo.  “The logo they designed for us is remarkable,” Dawn said. “It's a brilliant use of color. The first thing you see is the egg, which is what it's all about, after all. The design is bold, fun, and punchy—and it works in all formats, large and small. I love it and our guests have told me that it makes them hungry, so it's obviously working."

Next Gary and Felicia set to work designing The Original Egg sign for the exterior of the building, the restaurant’s egg-shaped menus and business cards.  “The marketing collateral is eggs-celent,” Dawn said. "Joking aside, it strongly communicates our brand and creates desire. It's appealing, like a slice of pie—and its playful spirit reflects our personality perfectly."

Then it was time to tackle the website (, which features colorful, oversized photos of Original Egg favorites, including hash browns, chicken salad and, of course, sunny-side up eggs. “The web design is graphically fresh, creative and communicates clearly who we are," said Dawn. "It's top of the line—at the level of a national restaurant chain. It evokes excitement about who we are, tells our story, and is also extremely functional. This website makes us stand out from the crowd."

Dawn adds that Think Donson also handles all of her social media and web tracking. "I'm busy running a restaurant," she says. "I rely on Felicia and Gary to handle the ins and outs of marketing. They're just as vital a part of our team as our chef in the kitchen or waitress on the floor."

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Complete Digital Marketing for Koval & Koval Dental Associates


Growing up, Dr. Christine Koval would work in her dad’s oral surgery practice whenever she could. His passion for his work led her to pursue dentistry, too, and when she graduated from dental school in 1983, she and her dad started a practice together in Sarasota, calling it Koval & Koval.

Since then, Christine has been serving clients in Sarasota who come seeking beautiful new smiles from the trusted cosmetic dentist.  For the last year, Christine has been working with Felicia and Gary Donson of Think Donson on the marketing and branding aspects of her practice.

“Working with Felicia and Gary has lessened my stress about marketing,” Christine said. “I trust them to make sound and economically responsible decisions about where money should be spent. This is huge, because marketing is what continues to allow a business to grow.”  In addition to marketing consultation, Think Donson has provided Koval & Koval with call and review tracking.

“Gary is very helpful in tracking where my market is coming from so I’m able to adjust my focus to areas that are the best for my business,” Christine said. “Plus he has a phenomenal command of the new and ever-changing way Google operates.” Think Donson also developed a responsive website redesign for Koval & Koval ( that incorporates search engine optimization so new patients can find her practice.

“My website re-design is really cool and crisp and continues to evolve,” Christine said. “New clients comment on it very positively.”   Another key piece of the Koval & Koval marketing plan is media campaigns that engage potential new patients.

“Felicia’s ad design and other creative ideas are such fun,” Christine said. “She allows me to participate, but guides me since this is her expertise. She’s also phenomenal at making sure everything is always on time, and she never asks me for any materials at the last minute. I appreciate that in this very busy world.”

Every month, Felicia and Gary have a status meeting with Christine to discuss the prior month, as well as future plans.“I really appreciate the monthly sit-down meetings,” Christine said. “They allow me to see what works and how we are best able to reach new patients. I am a very satisfied and pleased client!”

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New Responsive Website for The Bijou Cafe "Clean with easy navigation..."


THINK bijou site

For nearly 30 years, The Bijou Café has anchored Sarasota’s theatre and arts district.  It’s the dining establishment of choice before or after a show at the Sarasota Opera House, Florida Studio Theatre and the Urbanite Theatre. 

And any night on the town is made more elegant (and more delicious!) with the addition of dinner at The Bijou Café.

Owner and chef Jean-Pierre Knaggs sought Gary and Felicia Donson out to help with the restaurant’s branding, advertisements and social media before he decided to enlist them to create a new website for the restaurant.

“I like Gary and Felicia’s demeanor – they are very calm and relaxed, and we’re able to get a lot done,” Knaggs said. “It’s easy to talk to them because they’re very familiar with the restaurant business. They really understand the life of the restauranteur.”

Think Donson developed a simpler, fresh website for The Bijou Café ( that uses straightforward navigation and large-scale photography to allow the user to focus on the most important information, including browsing the menu and making a reservation.

“I like the simplicity of the style on the website,” Knaggs said. “It’s clean and easy to navigate, and it shows up really beautifully on your phone or tablet.”

In a world where diners often make split-second decisions about where they’re going to eat, it pays to have a website that’s optimized for mobile usage.

“When people are looking for a restaurant, our website will give them the info they want clearly so they’ll be able to make a quick decision to dine with us,” Knaggs said.

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Why is a good logo so important?

While out with friends this week the discussion of logos came up. We talked about how memorable – or forgettable – a logo can be, and how important a role it plays in establishing a company’s identity. Think about some of the remarkable logos we recognize that have been around for years:
Coca Cola, Nike, Apple (the list goes on) – we know immediately what the brand is and what they represent.
“A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique.”‘– Primo Angeli
Angeli’s quote is to the point. Your look – your brand identity – should stand for your company, simply and accurately. It should draw the consumer in to find out more. The design serves as an emblem which makes your business or organization easily recognized on your letterhead, your website, and your advertising material.
What makes a good logo? I keep these qualities in mind when designing for my clients:
• Memorable
• Simple and clean
• Effective
• Relevant
• Builds trust
• Stands out from the competition
Before a customer contacts your company they have an impression of you based partially on your logo. They may have seen it online or in print, in a directory or on a business card. If the logo is visually engaging and well designed, the potential client may choose you over the competition. Your logo can say a lot, either positively or negatively -- and is the first opportunity you have to peak the consumer’s interest.
Some business owners consider a logo to be unimportant or an afterthought – but it’s a top priority and an essential part of any budget. A well designed logo says a lot about your commitment to your business and can become a trusted trademark to consumers for years.
Do you want to make a lasting impression? ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view discuss your design needs and we can create that memorable logo.

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