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Building lasting relationships with your clients

An important component of being a successful freelance designer is the ability to build strong client relationships. If you don’t have good customer service skills it doesn’t matter how talented you may be. Lasting and trusting relationships are what keep freelancers and small companies in business. A satisfied customer is worth their weight i...

Why is it so important to have a marketing budget?

Most small businesses have little or no money set aside for marketing – but even with a small budget it’s possible to effectively brand your company’s products and services. You just need to be sure you’re using your dollars for all the right reason and getting your money’s worth. When starting up a business consider your start-up costs for marketi...

The advantages of using local printers instead of online printers

With 18 years of design experience, I’ve tried all the printing options out there. Some people may disagree, but I strongly believe in keeping your print jobs local – and here’s why: • Face to face communication: There’s much to be said about talking directly to your printer. You can look at samples of their work, choose your paper, colors, an...