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The Benefits of Having a Well Designed Website

You own a business and you offer brilliant service. What’s your website look like, though? (We hope it’s as good as your best product/most famous dish/you fill in the blank.) If it’s not, you’re missing out on a significant amount of business. Your website is the heart of your digital marketing presence; it’s the first impression of who you are. Customers spend roughly 60 seconds looking at your website before deciding if they want to give up and move on. Within that time, a high quality website is going to put trust in customers and generate traffic. This is due to more than one factor. We are here to tell you what those most important factors are and how we can provide you with a site that matches that fill in the blank of yours.

Responsive Design: Reactive on laptops, phones and tablets

Minimalism: White space, flat colors and fewer pages

User-friendly: Simple, intuitive and functional navigation

High Quality Content: Well-crafted images, videos and written copy

Rich Graphics: Interesting (not distracting) hover animation and clever actions when placing mouse over content

Think Donson offers complete web design services including custom layouts, responsive design and Joomla CMS. We’ll make it responsive, intuitive, functional, conversion-driven and optimized for discovery. For an example, take a look at our recent website makeover done for our valued client, Outer Image Spa. 

outer image spa before and after


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Fresh Marketing for Restaurateurs

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Being a restaurant owner is no easy task. You keep the kitchen in tact, delight and entertain customers and manage the staff. And if that’s not biting off more than you can chew, add marketing to the mix. The best marketing approach for your establishment depends on the personal flare, theme and audience you’re trying to reach.

Here are key tools Think Donson uses to achieve marketing feat for the restaurateur:

Web Design

Your website is not only the heart of your digital marketing presence, it’s where hungry customers are going to look first when out and about looking for a good meal. We’ll make it responsive, intuitive, functional, conversion-driven and optimized for discovery.

Content Creation

You already know who you are. You’re a locally sourced eatery, a traditional mom and pop diner, or everyone’s favorite brunch spot. Your customers won’t know that until you put your story into words. Web copy, ad campaigns, blogs, e-blast copy, press releases, or publications; you name it—we create it.

Digital Marketing

Welcome to the constantly evolving, brave new world of new technologies, new media and new platforms. Get your message to the local foodies, and the seasonal guests using custom-tailored, measurable initiatives that span web.

Creative Services

It’s your restaurant’s story. We’ll help customers hear it. Our dream team of marketing strategists, designers, website developers, copywriters, publicists, photographers and videographers will make sure you are heard.

Review Management

Think globally. Reach locally. Make your hometown presence known with top placement in all online directories, map listings and reviews.

Data Reporting

See all of your data channels in one customized dashboard by scheduling daily/weekly/monthly reports.

Email Marketing

It’s time to get personal with all of the restaurant goers. We’ll help brand your email campaigns, segment your lists and create seamless website integration.

Consult with Think Donson to tap into our experiences. We’ll explore your marketing goals from every possible angle. We know where to listen and we’re here to help.

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