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Designing a business card that is impressive and memorable

Of all the pieces of literature printed for your company, your business card may be the most important. Its purpose is two-fold: to leave a positive impression of you after a face-to-face meeting with a potential customer and to entice that person into contacting you about your product or services.
A badly printed card, a cluttered look, too much information, an unattractive or unreadable font, the wrong colors, poorly chosen artwork – all these mistakes and more may send clients away from you and over to the competition. A well-designed card says that you’re serious and professional about
your business and gives you a head start in attracting the right clientele.
Putting too much information on a business card can make it hard to read and your message may get lost in the clutter. Keep your card clean and simple with all the contact info that’s needed so that potential clients can call, visit your website or request a brochure with more detailed specifics.
Two-sided business cards can provide a little more space on the back for a brief list of your basic services. Just remember that your business card’s job is to give accurate information about you, your company, and what exactly it is that you do.
When designing your business card consider these important points:
• Your card represents you – it may be the first impression a potential client will have of you.
• Your card should include your name, your position, and the name of your company or business.
• Your message (what it is that you do) should be clear.
• Be sure your contact information is accurate (email address, website, cell phone/office phone).
• The type of font that you choose should be easy to read.
• The design should be clean and simple with no clutter.
• Consider printing on both sides if your message requires more space.
• Color, size, and design can help your card stand out from the crowd.
• Choose quality paper stock for printing.
Ready to get started? Think Donson can help you by creating the perfect business card for your company – one that will leave a positive impression and help you grow. We look forward to working with you! 

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