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Does your branding work at 40 miles per hour?

Signage is a great way to bring in customers. But if we’re talking about road signs, how do you attract a potential customer when they’re driving by at 40 miles an hour? Or walking down a busy sidewalk?  Quality design is the key.

Here are some important considerations when creating signage for your business:

• Colors – Bold colors catch the eye of drivers passing or walking by.
• Fonts – Use simple, easy to read typeface!
• Text – Keep it simple. You don’t need a lot of information, just the basics. Too much copy and people won’t bother. You want people to read the sign, not just drive or walk by.
• What do you want your sign to do? Direct people to your store, website, event, etc.? Convince them to consider your services over the competition? Be sure the message is clear.
• Logo – Use a high quality version of your logo on the sign. Make it visible!
• Size – Make sure the sign is the right size for its location. Too big can be overwhelming; too small and it will be missed.
• Quality – Your signage should be well made – good printing, strong color and design, properly installed. If the quality is poor you put your company in a bad light.
Every bit of marketing you do is a representation of your company, so be sure to consider all your options before choosing your branding efforts. Signage, websites, advertising, print ads – everything should have the same feel including your logo, colors, font and style.
People will recognize your company more easily if you are consistent in your branding. And if the average driver has only a second or two to view your signage on the side of the road, you want to be sure they get the message quickly.

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