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Great Website Design Equals More Clicks

I decided it was time to give my website a new look and feel. Even designers need to take the time to build a new site. Above you will see the old site verse the new site. 

Where is your eye drawn ??
“Online PR News –A recent study by OnePoll has revealed the importance of a trustworthy,
well-designed website for all businesses. The survey highlights 70% of people who claim they would not buy from a poorly designed website. Navigational difficulties, misleading price quotations and lack of relevant information are all factors that lead people to click away from a website almost immediately.”

Why it is important?
• Reinforcement of your brand
• Make your main marketing message clear & concise
• Make your company look professional and current
• Make it easy for customers to navigate thru your site
• Make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for
• Make it easy for site visitors to convert

Important Elements to consider:
  • Placement of Logo and Phone Numbers
  • How is your marketing message displayed
  • Is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) clear
  • Placement & Size of call-to-action graphics
  • The layout of main content
A good website should be simple clean and easy to navigate thru.
You want your home page to draw the consumer in.
You want your brand to be consistent thru print, web and social media.

Some pages to include on your site:
• Home Page
• About Page
• Contact Page
• Company Blog
• List of Services/Products
• FAQ's
• Testimonials
• Photo Gallery
• Landing Pages

Don’t allow your company’s website to be the last thought. Contact Think Donson to discuss your website redesign OR a brand new site!

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