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How to talk to your web designer

how to talk to your web designer
In the world of branding your business, websites play an important role. They give you exposure to
a larger number of potential clients you  might not normally reach through other forms of marketing. Your website can provide a lot of good information about your products and services – and if your site is well built and well designed, can be a great first impression.
Done poorly, a website can also be the kiss of death. So yes, you do need a website for your business, but you’d better be sure it says the right things in the right manner, looks and functions intuitively, and grabs the interest of the people who have visited. The goal of a well-designed website is to draw the person in and get them to respond – by calling, emailing, or making a purchase.

Consider the following questions and share your answers with your web designer:
• Who are your clients? For instance, male, female, young, old? This makes a difference for the design and layout of the site.
• What is the purpose of your site?
• What makes you different from your competitors?
• What are some websites you like and why?
• What kind of image do you want to portray?
• What is the call to action? In other words, what do you hope the site visitor will do once they have visited?
• Sit down and map out your site. How many pages do you need? What headers do you want? What kind of copy, images, maps, etc. need to be on there?

What will a web designer need from you?
• Logo – your logo plays an important part in the look and feel of your site – so if you don’t have a logo, that is your first step!
• Content – whether you have a writer or you are writing your own content, the information you provide is very important in the layout of your site. Sometimes something in the text may spark new ideas or images that can enhance your pages. Mapping out what info needs to be on each page will help this process.
• Pictures -- Are there images you have that you want on the site?
• Videos – Embedded videos can be a great marketing tool.

Providing a designer with the above information will help your website process go more smoothly. The most important thing is having a website that functions and is designed well, so that your potential clients will visit – and become customers. At Think Donson  we can help make this process easier!

Call us today to get started.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.” — Cameron Moll

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