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Madfish Grill - A Site for their Story


Madfish Grill is different than most eateries in the area: it’s been around for quite some time, yet it remains current and ever-evolving. From the start, they were known for their exotic Caribbean and Creole flavors. Today, they pretty much offer something for everyone (see: full bar, extensive wine list, and a varied menu derived from many cuisines.) They appreciate locally grown produce, fresh fish and classic bartending. And while that may put them towards the top of their class, they generously treat all guests like family.

So when owners Mindy and Miles Milwee, and general manager Ben Gough approached us with the task of rebranding their website, we were excited to build something that resembled their story, from start to finish.

“We looked into a few other website companies, but we felt very comfortable with the abilities of the Donson team and we liked the work they had previously done,” said Ben.

To convey Madfish’s entirety, we created a storyline on the homepage through imagery and original copy that seamlessly flows from section to section.

Along with an updated logo, and a new message of “truly, madly, delicious”, you’ll find no shortage of authentic food photos—from prep to final dishes, and even the making of a cocktail.

And to show their family-friendly side, we brought out a few bright colors from their logo that pop in all of the right places.

If you ask Ben his final thoughts on the site, he’d tell you that, “our initial goal of creating a new website has been completed and we are extremely happy with the result. We appreciate the easy communication and the timeliness of the completion of the work.”


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