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The advantages of using local printers instead of online printers

localprinters blogartWith 18 years of design experience, I’ve tried all the printing options out there. Some people may disagree, but I strongly believe in keeping your print jobs local – and here’s why:
• Face to face communication: There’s much to be said about talking directly to your printer. You can look at samples of their work, choose your paper, colors, and check proofs easily. If your job is not printing exactly the way you envisioned it can be adjusted.
• The value of ongoing relationships: Bring in several jobs to the same print company and you build a relationship while supporting the community you live in.
• Quality control: As the customer, you have more control over the end product with a local printer. You don’t have to mail things back if you’re unhappy with the print job and wait for days for a reprint – you can discuss it directly with your printer. Online companies may be able to beat the prices of local companies, but bear in mind what the trade-off is. You can lose time, quality and ultimately money in the long run if you need to reprint or find another online printer. Do you want the cheapest? Or the best quality?
“Good service is good business.” - Siebel Ad
The goal of your local printer is to build long term relationships in the community by providing good service and a quality product. Since your marketing materials may be the first introduction to your company you want them to look great. Working with the same printer can ensure a consistent level of professional materials – and the end results show that you and the print shop can produce a quality product.
When choosing a print company, make sure to weigh all your options -- talk to other business owners, find out who they use and why, compare products, and ask the right questions. You may find that the few dollars you save with an online print company causes problems you never anticipated. Is it worth it?
There are many great print shops in the area capable of handling any size print job – color or black & white, large format or small, business cards to full-color complex projects. We use local because we want the best quality and service for our clients.

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