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Website Makeover for World Class Dentistry


World Class Dentistry can be described as just that: World Class. Taking a closer look though, you’ll find they have much more to offer than just quality dental care. Husband-and-wife, Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke work side-by-side, blending their strengths to offer the most thorough patient results possible. Together, they offer topnotch restorative, general, preventive and holistic dentistry. While their duo team alone speaks to WCD patients, their honest marketing also offers transparent insight. Using real patients, a sense of trust can be undoubtedly placed into their hands.

While rebranding WCD’s website, Think Donson had two main goals in mind. Firstly, we wanted to demonstrate their combined, extensive knowledge of dentistry. Secondly, we wanted patients who visit the site to see their visible marketing model: those real patients with real results.

On WCD’s homepage, we built sliding headers as an intro for visitors. Each header displays a WCD service, patient photo and quick testimonial. Clean, tasteful colors and subtle textures allow the headers to pop—soft blacks, muted oranges and grays. From there, every page carries a similar feel. (Authentic before and after photos and references appropriately placed.)

With so many available services, we needed them to be extremely easy to locate. To accomplish this, we divided their main services up into display boxes on the homepage. Upon entering the service of your choice, corresponding subcategories follow. Suitable text is spaciously displayed in order to not overwhelm readers.

If you still weren’t convinced of their abilities after perusing the site, a video featuring Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke offering a rundown of who they are and what they offer is just one click away—and also featured on the homepage.

Visit sarasotadentist.com to see World Class Dentistry’s complete website makeover.

WCD Before and After

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