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When designing a new logo, what questions should I ask myself?

In prior blogs we have discussed the importance of having the right logo for your business. Here are some top questions you should think about if you’re working with a designer who will be creating or redesigning a logo for you. The answers you give will not only help the designer, they will help you identify all of your branding needs.
• How would you describe your services? What are the key words that you often use?
• What is the overall market you are looking to reach (demographics)?
• Who are your main competitors?
• How do you differ from your competition?
• How do you want to be perceived by others? (For example: friendly, approachable, technologically advanced, etc.)
• What are some logos that you like -- and why?
• Is there a specific image you have in mind?
• What is the overall look and feel you want for your logo?
• Do you have certain colors that you prefer?
• Where will your logo be used? (This is an important question. Your logo should be able to be used on anything, not just business cards, letterhead and marketing. Think about advertising specialties such as pens, ball caps, etc.).
• If you are redoing your logo, what is the reason for the redesign? What do you like – and dislike -- about your current logo?
• Time frame – When do you plan to start using your new logo?
Answering these questions are important for both the client and the designer. As the client, you’ve boiled down your thoughts, needs and preferences into a condensed form – and the designer now has a better understanding of you and your business. It’s a win-win for both, and hopefully results in a great logo that has the look and feel that the client wants. 
These are just some of the questions that I ask a client who is considering a new logo design. The more I know, the better able I am to understand exactly what the client has in mind. If you’d like to discuss your design needs, please don’t hesitate to call us.


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