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Why is a good logo so important?

While out with friends this week the discussion of logos came up. We talked about how memorable – or forgettable – a logo can be, and how important a role it plays in establishing a company’s identity. Think about some of the remarkable logos we recognize that have been around for years:
Coca Cola, Nike, Apple (the list goes on) – we know immediately what the brand is and what they represent.
“A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique.”‘– Primo Angeli
Angeli’s quote is to the point. Your look – your brand identity – should stand for your company, simply and accurately. It should draw the consumer in to find out more. The design serves as an emblem that makes your business or organization easily recognized on your letterhead, your website, and your advertising material.
What makes a good logo? I keep these qualities in mind when designing for my clients:
• Memorable
• Simple and clean
• Effective
• Relevant
• Builds trust
• Stands out from the competition
Before a customer contacts your company they have an impression of you based partially on your logo. They may have seen it online or in print, in a directory or on a business card. If the logo is visually engaging and well designed, the potential client may choose you over the competition. Your logo can say a lot, either positively or negatively -- and is the first opportunity you have to pique the consumer’s interest.
Some business owners consider a logo to be unimportant or an afterthought – but it’s a top priority and an essential part of any budget. A well-designed logo says a lot about your commitment to your business and can become a trusted trademark to consumers for years.
Do you want to make a lasting impression? ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view discuss your design needs and we can create that memorable logo.

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